I have always wanted a psychic reading; however, the desire to be scammed was never on my bucket list. But I guess you have to try everything once, right? Well when my tarot cards were read to me, (sort of) I was told my chakras were all out of wack. Basically, if I didn’t buy some crystals ASAP my life would never fall into place. Well obviously I was like, “SHOWER ME IN CRYSTALS CHANEL!” Mind you I thought I was getting such a good deal. Originally $140 for three crystals, I bought these worthless rocks for $50. I later went to a crystal shop to learn that they were dyed, which negatively shocks them. I tried to go back to Chanel to return them but apparently since the “infused” dyes were rubbing off onto my skin I had already absorbed the energy. So I left, tossed them into the street, and watched a car turn my physical representation of a scam into dust.

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